US Army Quotes – Things You Might Hear in the Army

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If you are thinking about joining the military, then you need to know some of the most used US Army quotes. This list offers you some of the military lingo used. Here is a list to help you out.

  1. Wingnut: This is considered to be one of the members of the US Air Force.
  2. Squidee, Squid, Swab Jockey, or Swabbie: This is a term that is used by a member of another service branch of the US Navy. It is an affectionate term.
  3. Bravo Sierra: This can also be spoken as an abbreviation “BS”. This stands for “bullshit”. It can be used in different situations.
  4. First Shirt: This is a First Sergeant.

Popular US Army Slogans, Sayings, and Mottos - Custom Ink

  1. Ground Pounder: This is a term that is used to describe a member of the military that is in armed forces. Their primary job is infantry.
  2. Outstanding: This is a term used to describe most things. You will hear this term an awful lot.
  3. Rack Time: This is a term used to express that it is time to sleep. You may also hear the term “rack” in reference to the beds on a ship in particular.
  4. Unsat: This is a shortened version of “Unsatisfactory”. It is used by the USMC in order to describe people, facilities, and more that is not satisfactory.
  5. Fingers of Death: This is a term that is used for MRE beef franks. It is named for the number and their taste. Another term that is used for these are “beans and motherf#####”. There are later versions of this specific meal that only offers four franks with no beans or any sauce and is called “four d####”.
  6. Bird, Ball and Chain: This term is used in the US Marines as a cynical term for the service.
  7. Broke-Dick: This is a US soldier that has a medical condition that hinders their ability to perform different tasks. It can also reference a piece of equipment that is broken.
  8. Bulkhead: This is an interior structural divider on a ship. It is used on shore to refer to any interior walls of buildings as well.
  9. Cammies: This is a utility uniform. It typically refers to uniforms for the Air Force and Army.
  10. Dark Green: This is a term that is used for the African American US Marines. Others are “light green”. It promotes unity. All marines are green.
  11. Firewatch Ribbon: This is a National Defense Service Medal that is given to members of the military while they are at war. It is presented to them during bootcamp. Everyone gets one of these medals.
  12. Good Cookie: This is a Good Conduct Medal. It is presented to the Marine Corps and those in the Navy. It is given every three years of service that has no major offense.


The list can go on and on, but we hope this shortened version helps. Remember this list is just a tip of the ice burg of US Army quotes. You will learn the rest as you move along your career path.

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