US Air Force: 2W1 Reaper

US Air Force: 2W1 Reaper

The 2W1 Reaper is qualified as a AFSC code. AFSC stands for Air Force Specialty Code. In the US Air Force, they are known as Munitions Systems specialists. Prior to 1993, the 2W01 was known as 461X0. The US 2W1 Reaper weapon troops load and unload nuclear and non-nuclear weapons. In addition to nuclear weapons, weapon troops also load and unload rockets, bombs, and explosives. They work on Air Force aircrafts. They install systems. The systems launch, release, and monitor different kinds of weapons. These weapons include bombs, rockets, and missiles. Every Air Force aircraft are equipped with guns and gun mounts. Load toads are responsible for monitoring the gun and gun mounts on aircrafts.

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The most vital aspect of a 2W1 reaper job is testing the suspension, launch, and release systems. They check for malfunctions and other issues. If the air craft has issues with its suspension, launch, and release systems, the load toads work together to resolve the issues. They inspect the munitions before they are launched. In addition to making sure that the munitions are in working order, weapon troops also run tests on the electronic and electrical systems. The weapon troops look for continuity, voltages, and operations issues. These checks by weapon troops ensures that there aren't any power issues and electrical issues. Weapon troops also install ground safety devices. These devices go on gun systems. They help with preventing detonation, firing, and launching issues of the gun systems. It is done in consideration to the aircraft's crew. The gun and release systems are important to Air Force aircraft. They are used for combating against enemies and fighting against enemy aircraft. The 2W1 load toads are responsible for repairing and maintaining the systems.

Being load toads require specific kind of specialty to do their roles. A load toad must be familiar with mechanics, electronics, aircraft gun systems, measuring tools and equipment, knowing how to interpret schematics and wiring diagrams, disposal of hazardous waste and materials, concepts and application of maintenance directives, nuclear and non nuclear loading and safety procedures. If a potential recruiters are interested in becoming load toads, they must score a 60 on the mechanical section of the ASVAB exam. They can also score a 45 on the electronics AFQA of the ASVAB exam. One important education requirement to become a load toad is having a high school diploma or a GED. They also need to have normal color and depth perception in terms of vision health. Airmen as load toads must be a citizen of the United States. In addition to having a U.S. citizenship, load toads are also required to get a secret security clearance. The clearance comes from the Department of Defense. The reason for the clearance by the Department of Defense is due to the fact that a 2W1 reaper deal with highly sensitive and dangerous materials in their role. The security clearance the airman's finances and character. If one flaw is found, the airman won't be admitted to training.

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