Top Revelations about Pitter Patter

Top Revelations about Pitter Patter

Many of us know about the word pitter patter, even from when we were little children. Now that we are all grown up, we start to wonder what does it really mean? Is there an appropriate way to use it or is it really meant to be an expression or slang? These are only some of the things that may have crossed your mind. The answer may be quite easy but other interesting points will certainly help make you appreciate the word.

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Pitter patter is defined as a fluttering sound in dictionaries. It may have been commonly used but little do we know that this has sprung even from the Middle Ages. It has come from the word "patter", which was synonymous with the word "repetitive". It was from this definition that writers have eventually developed the word patter to become what it is now. Given the definition above, the word has been developed by songwriters to match nursery rhymes in relating to children. Hence, the patter that everyone knew has evolved to becoming a slang used by the young generation.

The term has also become a word of reference in love quotes. Poems and sonnets would use the term about the object of their affection. This has become a staple in many literary pieces that would point the fluttering of their hearts to their romantic partners.

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Another aspect that you would notice is that the word pitter patter could also pertain to the soft beating against a surface. It could be steps against the floor or rain against the roof. This is a common way to describe the beat, so more people use it in scripts or casual coversations. It was also very easy to remember, especially for children who are just learning to talk. It was solid grammar with meaning but also rings a catchy repetitive sound for young ones.

The nature of its pronunciation made people refer to it as slang because of the way that it could casually slip the tongue of the speaker. Even kids who are just starting to talk can refer to it easily. It is because of how it rolls off the tongue that many people may be heard saying it. So, it would come as no surprise that the word is passed down from generation to generation.

You can always consider it a breath of fresh air if you know where your words come from. It gives you a wider vocabulary and lets you enjoy the freedom to explore ways of using words. Such is true with the word, pitter patter, which many people have started to take for granted. From nursery rhymes to songs, sonnets and poems, generations have come to use it as a modern slang. What they do not know is that it was a word that stemmed from ages ago and has now evolved to be an excellent tongue exercise for kids and adults alike. It is even a lovely alternate to use in written scripts that a lot of people may have taken for granted.

Written by: alex.gardose

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