Top 8 Personality Traits of a Pork Eating Crusader

Top 8 Personality Traits of a Pork Eating Crusader

What is a pork eating crusader? Do you have what it takes to be one?

It all started with a patch. According to Clayton Montgomery, “Everybody sort of hates occupying forces anyway, so it’s kind of embracing that. If you are going to hate us anyway, we might as well pretend to be the great white devil.”

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Those who sport this patch are soldiers in our United States Army. So what does it take to make a strong soldier?

  1. Discipline - This may go without saying, but being a soldier is not easy. You will be challenged. You will be put in impossible situations. You’ll want to quit. This is why a successful soldier must have discipline. You must be able to follow a code of behavior no matter the circumstances.
  2. Fearlessness - The word fearless is deceiving. It truly just means lacking fear. This does not mean you fear absolutely nothing. You have to acknowledge what you fear and decide that what you’ve committed to is more important. That it is worth risking it all for.
  3. Reliability - Are you there for your comrades when they need you most? Are you doing your duties so that others can depend on you and be able to do their own part? You must show that you are reliable in times of war and of peace.

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  1. Courage - It takes courage to be a pork eating crusader. You must be able to embrace your mission, enter dangerous situations, and trust that the skills you’ve been taught will carry you through. Even in the face of fear, you must be able to go forward.
  2. Motivation - Specifically, ongoing motivation is needed to be successful. We all know motivation comes and goes. What you do with that motivation is key, as harnessing it can help you create lasting habits for when motivation is dwindling.
  3. Consistency - This works hand in hand with reliability. When you prove that you are consistent with daily tasks and assignments that are for the good of the troops, you prove your reliability. If you are assigned to do safety checks on equipment used by the rest of your team, you cannot skip that task even once. That one time might cost someone their life.
  4. Skill - Whether they are skills you brought with you or ones you’re taught in training, you must be skilled. Whatever your job may be, it will always be skilled work in the military. You must work consistently on improving and refining your skill set.
  5. Peacefulness - The military will put you in all kinds of challenging situations. Throughout all of them, you must be able to carry an inner peace. A hot head will only make it so far. If you can maintain a clear, calm state of mind, you will last through any tough situation.

Being a successful soldier isn’t for everyone. It takes someone with a strong mind, and even stronger willpower to master these qualities and become a true pork eating crusader.

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