Top 10 Pilot Callsigns

Top 10 Pilot Callsigns

What is a pilot callsign?

A pilot callsign is the name a pilot or crew member is called so they dont have to use their real name when communicating. Its for both operational security and identifying the aircraft/pilot. Odds are that if you are given one, you probably won’t like it and it will be completely unorthodox.

  1. Jedi

If you know the franchise Star Wars you would know there is nothing cooler than the callsign.

  1. Maverick

It is only natural that Top Guns most popular Pete Mitchell would be a callsign. Someone who is usually the rebel.

  1. Shortened Last Name

Have a long last name? It’s possible that it will be shortened to your callsign for example Ferguson would be converted to “Ferg”.

  1. Albatross

Often seen as the sort of bad luck charm.

  1. Bambi

Are you a cryer? This name could be given to you.

  1. Batman

A nickname for someone who has flown his or her aircraft at night without the appropriate equipment such as goggles. Also known to fly “blind”.

  1. Ghost

Given to someone to who seemingly disappears! They are there one second — the next they’re gone.

  1. Vader

Can’t have Jedi without the Vader. This name is given to someone who is pure evil.

  1. Merlin

This is a person who can work his or her magic with anything.

  1. ALF

This one is pretty self explanatory — annoying little f****.

Callsigns are very unique to the person. Usually depending on circumstances or how you present yourself to others. Be sure to show your best self for the best name because you will be stuck with it!

BTW - most on the above list are Hollywood fabrications and not real life. Here are some real ones:

Dingle – Last name Berry

Flowmax – Tiny bladder syndrome

Holyness – Last name LaPope

Kanga – Capt. Rew

Lunchbox – Ate anything left in the fridge

Magellan – poor sense of direction

Pampers – Suffered from intestinal issues

Salad – First name Cesar

Vodka – Last name Smirnoff

The key to surviving a callsign or military nickname is to own it with pride. If you gripe and complain they will give you a worse one and will constantly remind you of it. One way to "own it" would be to have challenge coins or morale patches made with your callsign on it. Challenge Coin Nation can make them for you at a very reasonable price

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