Top 10 Marine Movies



Let’s face it. Movies with the Marines, whether fictional or based on a true story, are some of the most interesting to watch. As an outsider or an insider of the Marine Corps, these films will get your heart racing and your blood pumping with their action/ thriller premises and your eyes watering with their dramatic themes.


10 Marine Movies in No Particular Order

  1. Sniper: Assassins End- Sniper is a series that has cumulated with this latest film. On the run from the CIA, special ops sniper Brandon Beckett and his father take on Russian mercenaries and a yakuza-trained assassin.
  2. Megan Leavey- Based on a true story, Megan Leavey is a Marine Corporal whose discipline and bond with her combat dog saved the lives of many during her deployment in Iraq.
  3. Max- This is another movie that centers around a combat dog. Max’s owner is killed in action and then sent home to live with his owner’s brother. Through bonding, Max and the owner uncover what really happened to the owner in combat.
  4. Last Flag Flying- This drama film follows three men that have served in former wars who are reunited when a young man they all knew dies in Iraq. They recount their war stories with each other.
  5. Brothers- This movie follows a man in Afghanistan fighting a war and his brother and family back home. Time apart pushes the Marine’s wife towards his brother and drama ensues as the Marine comes back from war.
  6. The Marine Series- This is a series of Marine action movies that are less on the dramatic side and more on the action/ thriller side with various new plot lines for each film.
  7. Wind Talkers- This film follows a Marine who’s mission is to protect a Navajo translator, who serves as a vital weapon for their mission. This movie is full of action and an engaging plotline that’s not as dramatic and sad as the previously mentioned films.
  8. Major Payne- A 90s comedy classic follows a discharged Marine that finds himself acting as a JROTC instructor for young students. This movie is a funny absurd take on Marine movies that has enough adventure to keep you watching. It’s a family movie, unlike the other movies on this list.
  9. Full Metal Jacket- This is perhaps one of the most well- known Marine movies. It follows a journalist who ends up fighting in the Vietnam War.
  10. Second in Command- An uprising in a small eastern European country leads enemies to attack the US embassy. The ambassador is killed, forcing his second in command to lead a small group of Marines in a battle to defend the building from the heavily armed mob.




Many Marine Corps movies have been made and will continue to be made because of the bravery and honor that our Marine Corps continues to show every day.

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