Top 10 Best Submarine Movies that will Blow Your Mind

Top 10 Best Submarine Movies that will Blow Your Mind

There is nothing like a watching one of the best submarine movies to get your blood boiling and your mind excited. Every movie in this list is a stand along piece that offers amazing talent and awesome storylines.

  1. Crimson Tide: This movie stars Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington. Released in 1995 and directed by Mr. Tony Scott. It was produced by Don Simpson. This movie takes place during a political turmoil in Russia. Once the Cold War was done, a group that broke away from the Russian republic obtained nuclear warheads and became a threat to the entire world. 

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  1. The Hunt for Red October: This movie takes place at the climax of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and America. This is a very brilliant movie, which is why it is on the list of the best submarine movies. This movie is based on a book by Tom Clancy. It is suspenseful and offers amazing “wow” factor. 

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  1. Torpedo Run: This is a different take on a movie about the Second World War. This movie was released in 1958, but still holds up to the list. The Lieutenant Commander is in charge of a task to destroy the Shinaru, which is a Japanese aircraft carrier. He takes the mission even though his wife and child are being transported by another carrier. 
  1. The Abyss: This movie has definitely earned a place on the best submarine movies list for multiple reasons. It is a horror, drama that was created by Me. James Cameron. This talented director integrates the paranormal influence into his workings of the American submarine and naval forces. 
  1. Run Silent, Run Deep: This is a loose adaptation of a book that is titled the same. It was released in 1958 depicts a chapter of the American-Japanese conflict, but is fictional. It takes place during the Second World War. It underlines different aspects that is expected of a person in the military, as well as the main character’s commitment. 

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  1. Ice Station Zebra: This film made it on the best submarine movies due to the action it offers. There are plot deals that includes spies and even some double crossing. It was released in 1968 and is loosely influenced by a British author’s book. The author is Alastair Maclean. He was also one of the screenplay writers that was involved in the movie. 
  1. The Bedford Incident: This movie offers a plotline that involves the stance that was taken by the commanding officer against the Soviet submersible, along with his relationship with his subordinate officers. It was released in 1965. It was influenced by real naval incidents. 
  1. U-571: This movie made it on the best submarine movies due to the story line. It offers a fictional depiction as well as a contradicted and seizing of a device. It involves a German submarine that has a sophisticated encryption device that is onboard. It is then sunk and so on. But we wont spoil it. It was released in 2016.

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We hope you enjoy this list of amazing submarine movies. Each and every one was hand picked for this list to make it easier. There are so many different sites that offer best submarine movies, but we have your back.

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