The History of Navy Squids

Navy Squids

There is no doubt that when you are in the Navy that you must walk the walk and talk the talk. There is also no doubt that training is high on any Naval officers priority in getting their troops ready for battle. During the history of the navy, names like Navy Squid have been thrown around as a term meant for sailors or petty officers. And while you may not hear the term in today's Navy, you will definitely hear an old Navy marine using the term. Back in the 1960's, Marines used the term Navy Squid for those just entering the Navy. They were trained at the Recruit Training Command (RTC) which became the first place they would hear the term. In the 1960's the Navy Squids were those sailors who would use their money to buy motorcycles and alcohol. They would go out cycling and crash their motorcycles into everything. The Navy officers thought they were unlearned and did not fully understand what it was to become a full pledged Navy Marine.

While the Marines were constituted back in 1775 at the same time as the Navy to secure and maintain a landing force for the Navy, they became separate entities in 1798 through a parliament act. However today the Marines are a part of the U S Department of the Navy. The Navy squids are seen as those beginning to learn Navy and Marine life. They were seen in the old Navy as being wildly chaotic, while enjoying brash and undisciplined ways. Navy Squids were often seen by the old Navy and marines as showing difficulty in taking directions. They were compared to the aquatic squid which is an animal that swims fast and crashes into everything. Like the animal squid, the Navy Squid would use their monies during deployment and crash their motorcycles into everything after drinking bottles of rum and getting drunk.

Navy Squids

The term Navy Squids was mainly used during the 1960's. It was a time of growth for the squids and a group where the officers and other Navy men would point to as being separate from what the Navy and Marines stand for. The Navy Squid were seen as combative and destructive after drinking all night during their time away from their duties in the Navy. It was also common in the 1960's for these sailors to get tattoos of a squid on their arms or other parts of their body as a sign of what they stood for. Many of these Navy Squids were proud to be called squids and rambunctious. It was a wild time period and the Navy Squids were just a part of the period of time. In today's Navy and Marines, the discipline and structure is more profound and noticed because of the training. The term Navy Squids today is almost obsolete in the Navy and Marines who do not know about the period. As the Navy and Marines grow the sailors of today are known as sailors and petty officers and not Navy Squids. It is a sign of how much the Navy and Marines have grown throughout history.

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