Nonneritaville: A Maintainer's Song
Nonneritaville Nibblin' on cup cake Watchin' the sun bake All of those crew chiefs covered in oil Texting my girlfriend Surfing through YouTube See those maintainers they're beginnin' to boil Chorus: Wastin' a day again in Nonneritaville Workin’ on my...
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Maintainers Wonder: Squadron Ball Caps
Talk to the people who went through the transition out of BDU’s and they’ll say that one of the things they really hated was losing squadron ball caps. Our extensive independent research shows that today’s troops want them back, as...
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Why Maintainers Are Better Than Nonners
Nonners seem to get so upset about being looked down on and so Al thought he would give them an explanation why we think that. So here’s why maintainers are better than nonners: We are so important that we can’t...
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