State Shaped Custom Challenge Coins

State Shaped Custom Challenge Coins



When you are shopping around for a challenge coin, there are many varieties to choose from when it comes to the design, theme, and general look and feel of your new keepsake. While many challenge coins are designed based on branches of the military or even specific organizations there are a few that "break the mold" so to speak. One of the most popular types is a challenge coin shaped like your state. Having a coin that is shaped like your home state can be the ultimate piece of personalization that you've been looking for.


Shaping Your Coin To Look Like Your State

Some states are fortunately very iconic and easy to recognize when it comes to the way they are shaped. While others are a little more obscure and tend to require some additional form of identification to make more sense. Luckily, there are many ways we can add an additional flair of style to your state-shaped challenge coin.


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Stamping and embossing are a few quick ways to get the shape to appear on the surface of your coin. This works especially well when the enamel paint is utilized to bring your design to life. Another more "out-of-the-box" way to showcase your state is actually cutting out a shape in the middle of the coin creating a silhouette of your home state. These designs tend to work really well with iconic shapes that Florida, Texas, New York, and others tend to possess. Another way to represent your state is to actually shape the ENTIRE coin into your state and then add the enamel color paint to the surface. These tend to look less like coins and more like custom medallions, they make great statement pieces though!


Adding text to your state challenge coin

Once you have the state and method of shaping your coin selected you'll want to decide if you want to add any custom text to your coin. A few ideas that come to mind are state slogans, iconic movie lines that have references to states, or something that means something exclusively to you. In addition to text, don't forget about textures you can add to the edges or even the surface of your coin.


Adding that pop of color

As your state-shaped challenge coin comes into the shape you want, you'll need to add some color. Selecting colors for your coin should come naturally - you could utilize colors that represent state teams, colors from notable monuments, or places in history, or even something out of your own design and choosing. No matter what you'll be able to use the enamel paint and give your challenge coin the finishing touches that it needs. 


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day your design is just that...yours! Keeping in mind the shape of your state, along with the type of font, what words you'd like to use without overcrowding your design, and the shades of color you want representing a piece that you'll be able to treasure for a very long time. 


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