Positive Leadership & Challenge Coins

Positive Leadership & Challenge Coins

Everyone knows that most of the time the wrong people get awards for stupid crap or things they didn’t do. Meanwhile, the people who really did the work are standing at attention in a hot hangar watching the whole sad sham.

Leadership looks on approvingly, patting each other on their collective backs, able to check off a box that they recognized their people, happy that they are one step closer to their next promotion. They are blissfully unaware (hopefully) that they are instead cultivating a negative impact on morale.

Positive Leadership in the Classroom and the Workplace | Lerner

But there’s a solution! You as a good leader know who the good workers are. You know the ones who go above and beyond. You know the ones who struggled with something but never gave up. You know the ones who went out of their way to help someone else. YOU can give those deserving troops a coin from us that really means something. And here’s how.

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