Pizza Strike! Pizza Strike!

USAF Planes

What exactly is a Pizza Strike?

Well that’s a little complicated. It all started on a military deployment that had very low morale. When the B-1 Bomber (America’s workhorse) goes to a region, it brings a set of unique problems.

In this case, she just wasn’t dropping enough bombs. The crew chiefs weren’t changing out any toilets, weapons weren't loading any bombs, specs weren't saving the day... nothing was happening.


B-1 Bomber

It was the brilliance of our Officer in Charge (OIC) who invented the Pizza Strike! He told ops that every time they dropped all their bombs, he’d buy them pizza. Well sure enough, every sortie after that was Pizza Strike over and over again.

We decided it was time to make our Pizza Strike legend into a morale patch and possibly a challenge coin after that. The morale in the unit went up, and a legend was born.

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