Operation Clusterfuck

Operation Clusterfuck

I remember looking up at the cloudy sky and hearing the roaring engine of a helicopter while it takes my injured and fallen comrades away. As I look at the rainy sky trying to gather my thoughts I can feel the blood on my forehead as it drips down my cheek and if only, I knew the situation I’m in was about to get worse I would’ve fallen back with the rest of them.

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It was a normal day; my comrades and I were celebrating in the mess hall while we recently won back a town that was swarming with enemies. We thought that we all were the kings, we could hear the applause and the handshakes that were going around the camp that we set up. Days later when all celebration ceased, we were awaiting further orders from our Lieutenant to know if we were going to capture a town that was overrun by the enemy.

As we waited for the orders everyone grew uneasy. It felt as if the air surrounding us was full of hate, and malice. We tried our best to brush it aside but the more we ignored it the more this uneasiness pierced our soul. 

As the day went on, we were no longer engulfed by the light of the sun but rather by the rain. It was then when they launch their first attack.

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Mortar fire struck a nearby building that collapsed it instantly. While we try and run for cover all we can hear are the bullets of machine guns going off. It felt as if they have surrounded us while we were celebrating and closed us in like we were cattle waiting to be slaughtered. I went off to join my team only to find a pile of bodies lying in front of me. As I scream for a medic to come to the aid of these soldiers, I was returning fire to a 2-story building where the enemy managed to infiltrate. 

With my back behind the wall I heard over the radio we were given the order to retreat to a more secure location. As I heard the order a thought came to mind, I never knew how it felt to have bullets fly over me and a sense of death came over my body. As the enemy was closing in, I hear a return fire from my team that retreated to my position. With the help of them, we were able to retreat to our secure location. 

We called for a support helo to carry our fallen and we began to wait. Minutes felt like hours and they finally made it. As the helicopter came down, they started to take the injured, I then began to feel what hope and salvation felt like.

Life had other plans however, as I run to the helicopter there was another mortar fired and the force of the blast threw me like a rag doll. As everyone scrambles to take positions, all I can feel is the cold slowly going up my body and a load ring in the ears. I got up with the help of my team and we returned fire as we wait for reinforcements to come. 

What was a nice celebration turned into an all-out battle that lasted 3 days and nights. With no more food and water and ammo running low all, we could do is pray for reinforcement


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