My experience in the E4 Mafia

 E4 Mafia

            I have been in the military for years. In all that time I never felt the need to get promoted past the rank of specialist E4. there are many like me in this regard and most of the time higher-ups respect us specialists enough to not give us degrading tasks or be too tough on us especially when someone has served if I have. The only time it is an inconvenience to me is when a new officer shows up thinning, he is hot shit.

            On one such occasion, a new officer named Officer Krpata got stationed on my base and thought he needed to make an example to assert his authority. Similar to the “beat up the toughest guy in prison rule to establish dominance rule” he targeted me. This was probably due to the fact that I had been the longest-serving E4 on the base at the time. Day after day he would interrupt my job to give me useless janitorial tasks, critique my work, and basically try and my life a living hell.

E4 Mafia

            The thing Officer Krpata didn’t understand was that despite him being higher ranked I still held more sway than he did with all the other E4’s. I diligently listened to what he told me to do for a while. I mopped the floors, cleaned the bathrooms, redid work I already did so that it was up to his standards, and I did it all without argument while I waited for my time to strike back.

            One day when I knew it just about time for Officer Krpata to be paying me a visit and interrupt my work I made sure I had a bunch of other specialists around me. When Officer Krpata walked in we all were busy doing our job the right way and him being the predictable man he was he started to point out messes that were not there and insisting that if we couldn’t keep a clean workplace that I would have to clean up before I could continue my work. Today was the last straw. The guys and I had already figured out a way to deal with him and now was the time to put him in his place.

            “Ow stop hitting me” I screamed. Officer Krpata looked at me confused right before my friend specialist Richards cloaked me square in the face and busted my nose. Blood was everywhere.

            “Officer Krpata, please stop I’ll clean up the mess right away!” I screamed again and right before specialist Hansen hit me in the back with a broom, we had been using for all of the cleaning Officer Krpata had been making us do.

            “What’s happening!” Officer Krpata yelled out half in confusion and half in anger. He had no idea the hell that was about to come down on him.

            “You were just beating the crap out of a Specialist for not cleaning fast enough!” said Specialist Richards.

            “I think he’s going to have to file a medical report, this doesn’t look good Officer Krpata.” said specialist Hansen

            Right about now is when Officer Krpata realized what was happening and he got red in the face and walked out of that room as fast as he could.

            Not too long after that, I filed an assault report on Officer Krpata and at least half a dozen of E4’s validated my story. Due to the overwhelming amount of evidence, Officer Krpata was discharged, and I got medical leave for a little bit on top of it. I got my ass beat but Krpata was finally out of my life and I could go back to my job as a Specialist.

            No one messes with the E4 mafia.


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