Morale Coins and Funny Challenge Coins

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If you are part of a long-standing organization, then you have probably seen a challenge coin. Such coins date back centuries and have been used for a variety of purposes. Today, the challenge coin carries as much meaning as it did when the coin was first created. But now there are a wide variety of challenge coins available which include morale coins and funny challenge coins.

But what are such coins? What are their function? And how can they be used for your organization?

What are Challenge Coins?

The challenge coin bears the emblem or insignia of an organization. It is designed to be carried by members of the organization for various reasons. Originally, the coin was used for identification purposes to show membership. Today, the coin is now used to challenge members to meet certain goals or enhance their moral standing.

Challenge coins are used by many different organizations ranging from the military to Freemasons to law enforcement and so forth. Organizations that use the challenge coin do so as part of boosting morale among the members. However, there are specific challenge coins that can be created for one-time events or for long-lasting recognition.

Boosting morale is just one of the many functions of challenge coins. But there are coins that are specifically designed for that purpose.

Morale Coins

As the name implies, morale coins are used primarily to boost the morale of the membership. They represent a source of pride, but more importantly a reminder of the ideals and standards that the organization represents to its members.

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Morale coins are generally used differently than challenge coins in that they may be given out not for the achievement of a goal, but rather to boost the spirits and pride in the organization itself. Morale coins offer a powerful reminder of why a member joined the organization, the standards it has set, and to work more diligently to achieve goals within the group.

Funny Challenge Coins

Of course, not all challenge coins are meant to be taken seriously. There are funny challenge coins that can be used for all sorts of purposes. However, the main reason to get one is to garner a laugh from your fellow members, family, friends, and anyone who sets their eyes on one of these funny coins.

One of the funniest is the Physical Doge Coin, a parody of the Dogecoin developed years ago as cryptocurrency. Software engineers created the Dogecoin as digital or cryptocurrency as a fun, hilarious payment system that didn’t require the use of banks. Well, now you can have a physical version of the Dogecoin, complete with its symbol, the famous Shiba Inu dog made famous by the Doge meme.

Traditional challenge coins, morale coins, and funny challenge coins all have their place. You can order and customize a challenge coin when you contact our store. We can meet your needs with the right design based on what you provide or by working with our talented staff. Let us create the challenge coin you want for your membership today.

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