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Mil Spec


When I was a kid, I would always collect weird and cool stuff. Like I got into a rock collecting phase and also strangely enough a bottle cap collection. Now as I fight for my country, I’m still that little boy at heart. I wanted to start a new collection while I’m here, but I didn’t know what my new collection was going to be. It came to the point where I thought I should do another rock collection, but I quickly buried that idea because I was going to be made fun of. 

It was hard coming up with an idea of something to collect because I just wasn’t interested in anything, I didn’t see anything that I would classify as collection worthy. I couldn’t get help from my squadmates because they have no taste in finding cool things like I do. I looked for something to catch my eye all day and the day after that, but I came up with nothing. Maybe this was meant to be and a sign that I should grow out of the kid mentality of collecting stuff. 

Mil Spec

With the day being over I went to my bed and I was going through social media and I happened to stumble across an AD about Challenge Coin Nation and their Mil Spec patches also known as Military Special patch. When I went to their website I saw they had a plethora of these Mil specs or military special patches. My eyes glycine and from there I knew I would this would be my new collection.

As I look further into the website and these patches, I saw that you could customize each patch and make it the way you like it. You’re able to customize the color, wording, and image of the whole patch. I even saw an image of a crewmate like in the game “Imposter”; I was stoked. 

I had many friends that have some patches that they have obtained throughout their service, but I thought it would be a great idea to gift some of these Mil Spec patches to someone. Another great thing is challenge coin nation has patches for all division of the military. If it's Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army, or even Special Forces they had everything I needed. 

Most of all my friends that I sent out this military special patch fell in love with it and now they wear it all the time. Some of them even began to collect these Mil Spec patches and coins that challenge coin nation also provided. I was happy that I provided these guys with something they can be proud of. I even showed this new private some of my military special patches, I even noticed he had that same glycine in his eye like I did. I should’ve gotten his name though; I think it was Michael. 


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