Masonic Challenge Coin Meaning

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 The Meaning of Challenge Coins

The Masonic challenge coin is not a keepsake, but rather a symbol denoting a higher purpose for those who are part of this organization. Such coins carry value not because of the materials from which they are made, but rather what they represent. However, such challenge coins are made from durable metals that are designed to last for a long time.

But what are Masonic challenge coins and what do they represent? And why are Masonic challenge coins still used today?


Although there is no exact date of origin, the Masonic challenge coin is believed to have been created sometime in the early 18th century. The original purpose of the coin was to identify those who were part of the Freemasonry. A member would carry the coin with them as proof and show it for certain functions when required by the lodge.

Over time, the coins evolved into different purposes as other means were used for identification. Because the coins were made from solid materials, many that were created almost two centuries ago are still around today. The coins were a source of pride for members who would often showcase them inside their homes when not used for their identification.

Today, the many Masonic lodges around the world use them as challenge coins which have their own purpose depending on how they are used.

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The purpose of a challenge coin can vary depending on the lodge from which it is used. Most challenge coins are used for motivation, for reaching a specific goal, or to demonstrate loyalty or pride of their organization.

There is no singular purpose, but they are commonplace in the Freemasonry community. Such coins are not purchased, but rather given when a goal has been reached, a task has been accomplished, or when recognition is earned.

For whatever purpose you decide to use the challenge coin for, they represent what the Freemasons are all about. Liberty, equality, and fraternity are hallmarks of the organization. High morale standards, a belief in God, and a commitment to the community are the foundation of the Freemasons. The challenge coins reflect the goals, aspirations, and ideals that your Masonic lodge practices.

The challenge coin is not only a reminder of such ideals. It can be the source of motivation for your members. For whatever activities you want to use the challenge coin for, it offers the versatility to meet the goals that you want to achieve. Plus, you are not stuck with just one design. Different challenge coin designs can be used for different purposes. 

If you are looking to provide more motivation and pride among the members of your Masonic lodge, then a Masonic challenge coin may be the answer. We create custom challenge coins for Masonic lodges just like yours. You can use them as you see fit and have specific designs incorporated to reflect the unique character of your members. Contact us today and find out more about how we can create a custom Masonic challenge coin for you.

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