Madwire Challenge Coin

United States Army Challenge coin

Not just for military folk!


Most veterans and active military members know the value of a challenge coin (except nonners and blue falcons).  Blood, sweat, and tears get poured into earning these pretty little pieces of metal. To many, challenge coins are a direct representation of that blood poured, sweat dripped, and tears shed (not that we cry, we’re too tough for that).


At Madwire/Marketing 360, a select few get these challenge coins. As a company of 600+ people, with people in and out as the tides change, a select few are around long enough, and performing well enough to earn the coveted blue lanyard of leadership, as well as the coveted MAD challenge coin.


A B-1 bomber challenge coin that also functions as a bottle opener as made by challenge coin nation

It really means a lot too - check out this quote, from Director of Marketing, Alex Wells

“It was given to me when I was promoted to Director which was the biggest accomplishment of my professional career at the time. Madwire is more than a career to me. It was a quest for doing what I wanted to do with my life. Once I got here, the most important thing to me what to prove to everyone and myself that I was a Director. Receiving this coin meant I had done the things I had set out to do and I was recognized for being one of the few to ever be able to do so for this organization.”


Pretty awesome, huh? We love to hear how our coins are affecting culture, whether its your squadron, or your boring ole marketing company. We’re here for it!


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