M-4 Rifle History & Facts

M-4 Rifle History & Facts

The M4 Rifle is a variant of the M16A2 rifle, designed in 1994 by the most famous firearms manufacturing and marketing company in the United States, Colts Manufacturing and manufactured by the same and other companies such as ArmaLite, Bushmaster Firearms International, EMTAN Karmiel LTD, FN Herstal, Forjas Taurus, Lewis Machine and Tool Company, Norinco, Remington Arms, SIG Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Inc. and Springfield Armory, Inc.

This weapon became the main element of infantry in the US Military and the favorite of combatants during the 21st century, it is also used by elite groups such as the SWAT squadron.

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This M4 carbine has three firing modes, automatic firing continuously when the trigger is pulled, semi-automatic firing one bullet at a time and short burst firing three bullets each time the trigger is pulled,


M4 Rifle Features

  • It has an operating system with direct gas-operated recharging and a rotary lock
  • Straight line construction
  • Made of high resistance materials
  • High level firepower
  • Shortened barrel that operates in close battle, barrel configuration with option for all standard American and OTAN rifle grenades.
  • With MIL STD 1913 Picatinny rail and option of night vision systems, optical sight, laser sight and sound suppressors.
  • The M4 Rifle features 85 of similarity to the M16A2 rifle
  • Length 84 cm
  • Barrel length of 35.5 cm
  • Weight with 30-cartridge magazine 3.1 kg
  • Caliber of 5,56 x 45 mm
  • Maximum fire rate of 950 rpm
  • 700-950 shots/min shooting rate
  • Output speed of 2,900 ft/s
  • Maximum range of 600 meters
  • Effective range of 500 m
  • The initial speed of the projectiles fired with this weapon is 880 m/s

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Facts where the M4 Rifle was present

  • Was present from March 24, 1999, in the armed conflict in Kosovo with NATO forces
  • The forces of the International Coalition led by the US Military used the M4 in the Afghanistan War from 2001
  • Between 2001 and 2014 he was present with US forces in Operation Enduring Freedom
  •  From 2003 to 2011 he participated in the American military actions in the Iraq War
  • Participated in 2006 in the Lebanon War
  • Has participated in combat since 1995 in the internal armed conflict of the Republic of Colombia
  • It has been used in the Mexican Republic in the fight against drug trafficking
  • Since August 7, 2008, has participated in the South Ossetian War between Georgia and South Ossetia and Abkhazia
  • In 2008 and 2009, it was present in the conflict in the Gaza Strip, in the Operation Cast Lead
  • Participated in the Syrian Civil War caused by anti-government conflicts in 2011 where the U.S. Army was involved because it had become an international conflict
  • During 2013 he participated in the Lahad Datu conflict between the Malaysian armed forces and irregular migrants from the Philippines

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The M4 Rifle has always provided precision and efficiency performance to the various missions of coalition forces in conjunction with the United States in challenging combat, and it is for this reason that the US Military has acquired over 500,000 M4 units since it was placed in service in 1993 and has been exported to other US and OTAN allied forces.

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