Just Who is Baby Yoda?

Just Who is Baby Yoda?

Deep in the stoic halls of a small Jedi temple on Coruscant, something magical was happening. A tiny prodigy began his rigorous training to become a Jedi. His talents were unmatched and unseen before in the universe. Outside of this safe haven the Clone Wars have been raging and finally, the fighting has ceased...but that’s when the real trouble starts. Someone caught the scent of the power reverberating from one we will come to know as, Baby Yoda and wanted to capture that power for their own nefarious plans. 

Baby Yoda then found himself in a cold Nikto mercenary bunker and things seemed pretty bleak, until Din Djarin, an esteemed Mandalorian found him. Djarin was hired by a high ranking Imperial who wanted to learn more about the mysterious power held by the tiniest hands. However, things didn’t go as planned for the Imperials. Djarin arrived at the mercenary camp and found that the odds were not exactly in his favor. After a heated battle, the Mandalorian stepped into a room where his fate would change forever. He approached a pram that seemed engineered to protect something very valuable. As soon as the cover on the pram opened, the connection was immediate and the Mandalorian felt compelled to protect this little wonder, at any cost.

Baby Yoda

The Mandalorian then did the unthinkable and cancelled his bounty with the Imperials and changed the course of their destinies forever. From dodging Jawas and their sticky little hands to escaping the jaws of a great Krayt Dragon, Baby Yoda found himself becoming more attached to this mysterious stranger that rescued him. 

Their adventures lead them to Tython where Baby Yoda was placed on a stone where he used his powers to reach out to the few remaining Jedi. Just maybe someone would hear his call. 

Djarin knew that this little wonder had much more purpose than becoming his favorite traveling companion and was left in a panic when Gideon took possession of his little friend. Djarin would stop at nothing when it came to rescuing his most precious cargo. After a grueling battle with Gideon their victory was interrupted by another mysterious stranger. Baby Yoda felt drawn to this familiar face wielding a green light saber. After a heartfelt “goodbye” our little hero went on to train in the ways of the Jedi and fulfill his destiny. 

While he is no longer traveling with the Mandalorian, you can bring him with you everywhere. Make a big statement with this Baby Yoda PVC Patch. His name may have changed to Grogu, but he is still ready to add a little “Force” to any outfit or accessory. He’s been traveling the galaxy with Poppa Mando but now he’s ready for a soft landing into your life. This Tiny Master isn’t afraid when the sun goes down since he also glows in the dark.

The Tiny Master Patch is the perfect size at 3 ½” and is constructed of PVC and has a velcro backing that makes attaching it so easy.

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