“I’m only here for the violence.” Choosing a military career: for vocation or violence?

“I’m only here for the violence.” Choosing a military career: for vocation or violence?

While for some people a military career is not an option, for others it is the only option. Some people consider the idea of a life in the military because they are passionate about the demanding military discipline, but others choose it as a means to drain the adrenaline and the emotional load they can have inside of them.

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Two paths to choose

Some have been raised in hostile environments, others have grown influenced by the excessive violence from some video games or action movies; others have been victims of bullying or rejection by their families or people around them. All of these situations have a consequence in common: a violent and explosive personality.

Some of them have chosen the path of evil and use that violence to harm others around them, since they are looking for revenge or are simply trying to satisfy their sadistic desires to humiliate and subdue others, imposing themselves on them by limitless violence.  

On the other hand, others, aware of the monster they have inside, decide to train it and choose a career in the military because it gives them the opportunity to channel that violence through the practice of military disciplines.

When analyzing the military context, we can clearly see a structure of meritory hierarchy, a set of norms and ethical values used as a conduct manual, as well as the functions and tasks carried out by the military, all of which allow people to tame the violence contained in them and be useful for society.

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Lose your life in three seconds”.

To the next survival premise that says, “A human being can survive for three weeks without food, can survive for three days without water and can survive for three minutes without air”, we can add that human beings can lose their life in three seconds if they are not capable of controlling their anger.  

Human beings must have control of their violent impulses, and not the other way around. Not controlling them can have fatal consequences, since they can generate anxiety, depression, fear, irritability or pain, which become a source of negative actions by an individual.

This is why many are just no compatible or apt for certain civilian jobs or activities, since their performance can be deficient, while they will be in their element if involved in military activities because their nature allows them to be excellent in that area. 

By observing this, we can understand why many have chosen the military path as the road to follow because they are able to develop abilities and skills at the same time they channel positively the violence inside them.

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Therefore, the best recommendation we can offer those who have an explosive personality that tends to be violent is to join the army, so that they can channel it positively for the benefit of the community and their nation

By doing so, they will be able to tame that wild horse by discipline, hard work, exercises, and daily military routines, and will no longer pose a threat to society. 


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