Hunger Games Weapons

Hunger Games Weapons

The Hunger Games is a hit Young Adult book series written by Suzanne Collins. The three books are titled The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. They were released in 2008, 2009, and 2010. The series became one of the bestselling YA series of all time, selling 60 some million copies total.

It was adapted into a four-movie series from 2012 through 2016, grossing over $2 billion dollars total. Although many bought the books, the movies, starring Jennifer Lawrence, may be more a part of the public eye.

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They are about a dystopian future where young children and teenagers are chosen from the 12 Districts to fight to the death for entertainment. The books and movies have definitely entered into the public consciousness, whether with quotes or situations. The idea of “hunger games,” with multiple weapons scattered throughout an area in a free-for-all battle with a large group of people, has become a huge part of games and video games played by all ages. The line, “I volunteer as tribute!” is a reference shouted by people the world over. The Hunger Games has come into pop culture in a big way.

One of the focuses of the movie is the vast plethora of weapons. There is a section where the tributes must show off their various skills using the weapons at hand. Whether camouflage, or bow, or throwing a knife, each tribute has to show off what they’re proficient at. If they are not good at what they’re doing, they are likely to die, as well as not get any support from the rich patrons watching the show.

As part of an armament systems team in the United States Military, either in the Air Force, Navy, or Army, everyone must know what they’re doing and what they are  good at. They need to be ready to perform their work well. There are lives on the line if someone does not do what they are supposed to.

The Hunger Games takes a great interest in the skills and types of weapons used by their tributes. When searching around the different roles of the military, it’s easy to start getting into the numbers and types game, too.

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Being in the Air Force, you see the skills at work when arming a plane. Every member of the team has got to know what goes where. Whether loading a machine gun or missiles, they have to ensure every time a pilot pulls the trigger, their weapons will work as they are supposed to.

The Navy has the same things on the line. Working in an aircraft carrier, a battleship, a submarine, or anything in between will involve ensuring the team of sailors in charge of loading the armament systems knows every step of the process. Mistakes cost lives.

The Army has the same concerns about tanks, Jeeps, armored craft, and anything in between. The Marines include water-to-land craft in their concerns.

Any part of the military needs to know well what they are doing, especially when it comes to arms.

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