How to choose the best challenge coin maker

How to choose the best challenge coin maker

How to choose the best challenge coin maker:

Challenge coins are traditionally associated with military units. However, over the last decade or two private employers and other organizations have reflected on the value of having customized challenge coins made for their employees. This put the custom challenge coin making industry in the commercial spotlight.
Because of the steep incline in market demand and clientele, many novice challenge coin makers have tried their luck in the market.  Often these manufacturers have little experience and provide subpar products to unexpecting, naïve customers.
With such a vast network of coin makers in the market, how can you protect yourself from scammers and choose the best coin maker? Here are a few expert guidelines you should base your decision on:

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Old is gold:
The first thing you should be looking for in your coin maker is experience. Experienced challenge coin makers will naturally have an edge over novices considering they are virtually the masters of market trends and are much more seasoned by the years of dealing with customers.

Look for the ranks:
Perhaps the next key indicator of a good coin maker would be their ranking in the industry. The top clientele generating manufacturers would be higher in ranking than newbies with limited market experience. You should thoroughly research the challenge coin making industry and keep all the big coin makers’ names handy for reference.

Let their reputation do the talking:
Especially now with technological modernization and online advertising, it is very easy for companies to false advertise. Instead of banking entirely on website-based reviews and internet information, take the old-fashioned approach and ask around instead. Satisfied customers will always sell a coin makers product for them.

Range triumphs all:
When assessing the expertise of a specific coin maker, be sure to gauge the range they have to offer. The more designs, materials and finishes they deal in, the higher their customization capacity. This also means you’re more likely to get the results you’re looking for when you finally ask them to make your challenge coins for you.

Samples are your best friend:
Before you make your decision, ask for a sample of your preferred coin maker’s work. A transparent manufacturer with nothing to hide will gladly accommodate your request and provide you with a sample. From this sample you can determine the quality of the material and the probable finish of your own product. It is wise to collect a few samples from different coin makers for comparison.

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Review their services:
Some coin makers offer added benefits and services to their customers. Free shipping, exclusive packaging, price quotes, sample artwork and templates to base your challenge coins on and discount codes for veterans or service members. These services are often manufacturer exclusive and can often be very beneficial for the customer. Be sure to ask about any upcoming deals and discounts for your own convenience.

Willingness to communicate:
You can extrapolate much from the way a manufacturer communicates with potential clients. Respectful, open-ended conversation with the intent to answer all your questions and eradicate any doubts should automatically put the coin maker in your good books. Such industry specialists make sure to work with you every step of the production process and give you the exact product you require. Often the challenges faced in custom-orders stem directly from lack of client-provider communication. To get the results you want and avoid any confusion, keep lines of communication open and answer the coin makers questions as elaborately and plainly as possible.

If you follow these tips, you should be successful in pinpointing a well reputed, talented challenge coin maker. Good luck!

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