How Much are Custom Challenge Coin?

Custom Challenge Coin


Although the production process of creating coins has improved over the centuries, the basics have not changed over the years. To create a challenge coin starts with a custom design, then employing that design to the machines which manufactures each coin that is ordered. A mold is created to shape the coin and imprint the design. The same process has been in use for thousands of years.

To create a custom challenge coin requires the design, manufacturing, and paying for the production cost. It is a straightforward process, but one that does require full knowledge of how the coin is to be used for today and tomorrow. 


This is the creative part of the process in which the design is made for the challenge coin. The design should reflect the purpose of the coin to make it the most presentable. What used to take a long time in terms of the designing process has been considerably shortened thanks in large part to digital technology.

Custom Challenge Coin

When working with a challenge coin company, you fill out the form that provides all the necessary details. From that information, a design or series of designs are created and presented for your approval. All necessary changes are made. And the final design is selected so the production process can begin.  


From the selected design a mold is created. The mold will be to the desired size of the coin and used to create as many coins as desired. It is this part of the process that has changed the least over the centuries. The coins are molded and imprinted with the desired design. Once completed, the appropriate colors are painted into the designated areas.

The final part of the process is applying the protection and polishing to create a smooth, shiny challenge coin that will last for a long time. Because the coin is made from solid metal, the result is a product that has considerable longevity.

Custom Challenge Coin


The cost will depend on the size and number of coins that are produced. The larger the coin, the more expensive it is to create. However, the more coins that are created the lower the per unit cost. This is because the most expensive part of the process is the creation of the mold itself. Once created, the mold can be used again and again. Because of this, the more coins that are created from the mold, the lower the price will be.

Using this chart, creating 50 custom challenge coins that are 1.5” in size will cost $5.65 each. However, creating 5000 coins of the same size will only cost $2.25 each. Again, the larger the coin, the more expensive it will be. But the cost will be reduced the more coins that you create.

Understanding the process of creating challenge coins will help you make the best-informed decision about the design, size, and how many coins that you should create. The more you know about what you want, the easier the process of creating the right challenge coin will be.



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