Hat Patches

Hat Patches

Hat Patches are made from leather, fabric, and rubber, that can be placed directly on hats via stitching, heat pressing or sewing it to your custom hat with adhesive back options. Some of them are 100 percent stitched with a velcro loop backing.

These patches include custom screen printed patches, leather patches, etched leather patches, embroidered patches, woven patch, sublimated patches and PVC patches.

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  • Two patches present made in USA (front and back)
  • A 2 by 3 inch front Gadsden and a 1 by 3.75 back patch
  • 100 percent stitch with velcro backing
  • MULTICAM hat
  • The item has a 5 by 5 by 5 inch dimension
  • 142 kg in weight

Now, let's take a look at the types of hat patches. 

Custom Screen Printed Patches

Screen printed patches can be attached to hats through the use of heat. They come in various shapes and differently colored extremes (such as complementary colors, red, blue, a bold contrast or a more muted neutral palette) for several combinations. Whichever combination you pick, it will definitely be the one desired.

Leather Patches

Leather patches are added to hats using a running stitch tack down. They come in shapes such as squares, circles or rectangles, and can be made of fake leather or Genuine tan leather. It also has a devoted imprint color.

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Embroidered Patches

Hat Patches with embroidery provide the best patch experience ever, by offering a distinctive embellished look while also conveying the natural style of a patch. This is a traditional method of embroidery that has been used over again due to its classic style and lastingness. 

Woven Patches

A woven patch will give your hat a unique look because they contain more detail and are more advanced than those with embroidery, though, it still has a natural feel due to the merrowed extreme. On this patch, you can include a lofty amount of detail to your personalized logo, making it the best way to rebrand your photo, logo or illustration of choice in a bracing and bright way.

Woven patches come in different sizes, fonts, shapes and feature a number of details that can be combined with a wide variety of colors and stitching combinations (the alternatives for your design are really limitless).

Sublimated Patches

Sublimated patches go through the process of sublimation i.e making use of heat to transfer dye to fabric.

To make this type of patch, the first thing is to print the graphic on an exclusive transfer paper. Heat is then applied so the dye will bind to the patch, afterwards, create an ideal image. The patch is then added to your hat to give the final product.

This is the best method for those who would like to attach small details, text or thin lines to their hat.

How hat patches display your patches remarkably

Hat Patches are a great way to display your patches because they aid swapping out different patches on the hat which can be attached when going for any occasion

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