Graduate from the Community College of the Air Force

Graduate from the Community College of the Air Force

The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) is located on Maxwell Air Force Base outside Montgomery, AL, and awards over 22,000 Associate of Applied Science degrees in 71 degree programs, making it the world's largest community college system. A federally chartered academic institution, CCAF exists to serve over 270,000 active, guard and reserve enlisted personnel wishing to pursue higher education.

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Our partnership with over 112 affiliated Air and Space Force schools and 300 Education Service Offices will help serve CCAF graduates for their entire careers. A degree from CCAF will open doors to advanced careers, promotions and keep you ahead of your peers. CCAF graduates will have the real training and education that leads to finding better jobs. CCAF ensures a bright future for those who serve by developing skills and knowledge for career success, both in and out of the Air Force. A degree from CCAF is a great way to continue improving your military career.

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