Give Your Crypto-Loving Friends a 'Real' Dogecoin!

Give Your Crypto-Loving Friends a 'Real' Dogecoin!

The last few weeks have been pretty exciting for lovers of the stock market and cryptocurrency. With GameStop receiving a boost in popularity and value, thanks to the utilization of Reddit forums, and now Dogecoin is getting a similar treatment. Going up 800% since January with help again from Reddit users, Dogecoin now has Elon Musk giving it the sign of approval for being a cryptocurrency to keep an eye on. This response is why here at Challenge Coin Nation we believe this fact is the time to get your hands on your very own, Dogecoin.


The History of the Dogecoin

 You may have been thinking, what is a Dogecoin, why should I care about Dogecoin, and how do people pronounce Dogecoin. Well, we’re here to give a quick overview and hopefully answer most of those things. Cryptocurrency, in general, is important because its popularity and value have continued to grow over time. Digital assets allow you to invest in different ways and quickly build up the value of the different assets. It is very much changing how we understand currency and the economy, which is why it’s more important than ever to get an understanding of the famous Dogecoin.

Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, the founders of Dogecoin, thought it would be fun and entertaining to invent a cryptocurrency that includes the Shiba Inu dog from the “Doge” meme. Markus was a software engineer from IBM and Palmer at Adobe; together, they made the most profitable social performance piece.  They were correct in believing that this cryptocurrency that was not only free from traditional banking fees but also adorable would catch wind. Soon after its release, Dogecoin has risen in popularity with its own online community making it the powerhouse that it has become today. 

While it originally was released as a joke, it reached its creator’s goal of becoming a peer-to-peer digital currency that could go further than Bitcoin economically and culturally. Dogecoin doesn’t just have Musk to back it up. With the links of Snoop Dogg and Gene Simmons singing its success, Dogecoin is just getting started.


The Time is Now for a “Fake” Investment

So, you may be thinking, “why would I buy a Dogecoin that is real in material but not in financial value?” Well, because it will give your friends, family members, and loved ones a kick! Buying one of the Challenge Coin Nation's Dogecoin is a great way to continue the joke as well as having the chance to be able to see that super cute “Doge” meme whenever you want. Founders Markus and Palmer would probably find it quite charming to be able to see their cryptocurrency as a real coin.

The stock market, cryptocurrency experts in your life will be entertained by getting their own Dogecoin that they can hold in the palm of their hand. Share the story of the most captivating currency around today with your very own Dogecoin that you can carry around and pull out on different occasions.


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