Cool Morale Patches

Image of a pilot wearing a morale patch, possibly made by challenge coin nation

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This item is used in the military services, Civilian Groups, the Navy and Air Force. You can get them from at the following prices:

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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia vs. Morale Patches: The History of What's on Your  Shoulders - ClearanceJobs

What is a Morale Patch used for?

Since the beginning of the 20th Century, these items have become a constituent of the American Military Uniform in fights from World War I to the present military era. It all started when the 81st Division Wildcats of the US Army made a formal demand for a patch to dignify their division. The request was approved and within a short time, all divisions were ordered to craft and wear patches that glorified their division.

After the war, a Badge known as Screaming Eagle Badge was created. During World War II, morale patches were promoted extensively, adding a distinct sense of recognition for the group working within the field.

It is used as a form of identification within a group, and are worn on uniforms during deployments. They represent the demonstration of confidence and grit of military personnel in every type of conflict event.

Today, the general populace has taken interest in Morale Patches because they are as widespread as ever. They are now well sourced for collector's items as well as being used in Law related conditions. Their current designs have origins from 1981 when US Navy pilots brought down two Libyan Su-22s that were ensued in a fight earlier over the Gulf of Sidra.   

How are Morale Patches made?

They are made from materials that can withstand the elements like soft rubber, and designs are requested frequently by branches of the police service, firefighters and the military. Their styles are flexible, lasting, waterproof and are held together by glue, velcro or a sewn-in track.

Morale Patches are comprised of little strips of fabric that has a logo, letter, insignia, design or quote. It is generally a more personalized and less formal means of identification (people who put them on take pride in their association or group). 

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