Challenge Coins for Fundraising

Custom Shaped Challenge Coins can be used for crowdfunding
A challenge coin specifically designed for fundraising



Crowdfunding can be one of the best ways to increase your capital when it comes to collecting the funds for a project you are working on. Typically crowdfunding happens mostly online, but there are opportunities to include in-person elements like challenge coins for crowdfunding to help raise awareness for your cause.


Types of Crowdfunding

There are a few types of crowdfunding strategies that can be used and we'll review a few of the main types:

  • Reward-Based - financial investors who participate in a reward-based crowdfunding venture typically will hope to receive something tangible or service in the future in return for their capital.
  • Equity - This type of crowdfunding allows investors to participate in providing financial assistance to primarily startups in exchange for future shares/etc.
  • Donation-Based - this is probably the second-most popular form of crowdfunding. Usually in this type of situation individual investors will donate their capital toward charitable organizations. 

With some creativity, you can incorporate challenge coins into almost any type of crowdfunding situation to raise awareness for a meaningful cause.


Challenge Coins in Crowdfunding

There are a few ways to incorporate challenge coins into your crowdfunding efforts. Perhaps one of the most obvious ways is to use them as a reward for your investors. As a sign of your appreciation, you can have a challenge coin sent to someone who has either donated or participated in raising equity for your company or organization.


Another way to utilize coins is to turn them into a means of spreading awareness. Challenge coins can be given out and be designed to educate the recipients on you and the project you are working on. Because of their uniqueness, they can be extremely impactful and stand out from the other means of communicating with possible investors. 


How to Design a Challenge Coin

There are several ways to approach your design for a crowdfunding coin, choosing the best method for you and your cause will be one of the first steps in creating a memorable and effective crowdfunding tool.


  • Logos - You can have a 2d or 3d challenge coin created in the shape of your logo to spread awareness and give your possible investors familiarity with your company.
  • Thank You Notes - Creating an impactful story or thank you note on a challenge coin can go a long way with investors to ensure they are shown how important their participation is to you.
  • QR Codes - this is probably one of the most unique ways to tie in a challenge coin when it comes to crowdfunding. Placing a QR code on one side of your coin allows you to create a beautiful design or story on the other while providing more details. Your QR code can link the recipient to pages where they can learn more about your company and donate electronically.

So Many Coins for so Many Causes

Challenge coins are not only valuable keepsakes but they can powerful marketing tools that can help you and your cause stand out in the world.

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