Challenge Coins - Show Appreciation to Employees and Customers

hallenge Coins being given to show appreciation to employees and customers

A business cannot exist without its customers and employees and it's important for companies to show both parties how much they are valued. Creating programs and offering rewards are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to customer and employee retention. Adding challenge coins into that mix can be a great way to show appreciation for employees and customers while being a way to increase morale across the board.

How Businesses Show Appreciation to Employees

Employee morale is a focus for many companies, and usually, there is an HR (human resources) department that is involved in ensuring there are benefits and perks that demonstrate just how valued their workforce is. The employee of the month, reserved parking spots, gift cards, and other forms of recognition can really go a long way. Some companies even give out their own form of currency that employees can use to "cash" in for rewards. This is a perfect time to incorporate challenge coins.


Custom coins for employee and customer appreciation

How Businesses Show Appreciation to Customers

The best way to show a customer that you appreciate them is by providing them with an excellent experience, the second-best way is to reward them for their loyalty. Companies can utilize points toward a reward, special sales or incentives, and even exclusive tiered clubs that can be joined with frequent purchases.


Challenge coins are another great way to show customers how much they mean. Coins can be included as a "thank you" with online orders, or they can be utilized as "coupons" where a customer is able to redeem them for discounts - much like giving out a loyalty punchcard or similar. Another idea is to These ideas can be expanded on in many ways that will fit your company exclusively.


How to Design Appreciation Challenge Coins

When you're designing a challenge coin to be a "token" of appreciation there are infinite ways to do this. A few ideas are: 

  1. Company Logos - You can create coins that represent the company logo and can be used as a keepsake or placed on a keychain.
  2. Thank You Notes - Challenge coins can be designed to include specific text. Ensure you keep in mind the size and type of font you are using so that you can properly relay your message.
  3. Inspirational Quotes - If you are using challenge coins to boost morale you can potentially include little quotes and moments of inspiration for the recipient. Telling someone they are doing their best can be so impactful.
  4. Getting Silly - You can even add a little flair of humor or include a pun if you have a company name that lends itself to this type of design. Even in a professional setting, a little appropriate humor can really make you stand out.

Being Thankful and Giving "Tokens" of Appreciation with Challenge Coins

Creating an inviting environment for your employees to work in and for your customers to shop in is paramount to success for a business owner. Employee incentives, rewards, and recognition can really make a large impact on how they feel as a whole about your company. 

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