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Owning and operating a business is a lot of work and with that comes spreading the word about your company. Businesses spend a lot of time focusing on providing the best customer service and their day-to-day activities - one of those activities should always be finding different ways to advertise and grow your business. Challenge coins are a great way for businesses to market and share their services with potential customers.


Advertising Methods for Businesses

When you're trying to increase your reach as a business, there are several ways to do this. One of the most important pieces of marketing is finding the best platform and tone of voice for your company, this can come in one or many ways.


An example of a custom designed coin to highlight a business.

 Some companies will choose to advertise locally in a paper publication like a coupon magazine or newspaper ad. Another way to advertise a business is on the radio or even television spots if your budget allows. Another popular way to advertise is digital, companies can invest in paid advertising, and also utilize paid and organic social media posts to obtain new customers. However, the most effective form of advertising is word-of-mouth marketing, and a great way to get customers talking is to use a challenge coin. Coins can be a unique conversational piece that customers will remember.

What Kinds of Coins Can Businesses Create?

Because challenge coins give you so much creative leeway you can create some very unique designs that will represent the core values of your business. Coins can be shaped like your company logo, symbol, an identifying object, etc. You can also include text on either or both sides of the coin and design. Some ideas for text can be your company mission statement, a quote from the owner, a catchphrase, or even a testimonial about your services or products.

How to Use Challenge Coins to Advertise Your Business

Challenge coins can be used as a way to make your company stand out against the competition. You can use the coins and display them in an office or consulting setting as a conversational piece, or you can give them to your customers as a "thank you" for their patronage. 

After purchases, you can include a challenge coin as a literal token of your appreciation for their business and show your customers they are valued. A small gesture like this can leave a lasting impression and create lifetime repeat customers.

Challenge Coins Can Help You Grow

Growth and success take effort, and those things take time when it comes to your company. Utilizing various tools and unique marketing resources can only help you move the needle when it comes to attracting new and keeping current customers. Designing your very own challenge coin can be a fun and rewarding experience that can potentially yield dividends when it comes to getting your company out there. Take the next steps in bringing your marketing strategy to the next level by designing a coin that will help advertise your business and what you do.

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