Blue Falcon

Blue Falcon

So Here’s to You, Blue Falcon, you are the man! Yes, you have that young troop who shared a great idea with you. You instilled unfailing trust in her that she could tell you the concept and that you could make it happen and advance her career. All those hours in leadership schools funded by U.S. taxpayers have finally paid off! You took that idea verbatim and passed it up the chain and the Pentagon loved it. And it even resulted in a cash award and a promotion! Yours!

Blue Falcon PVC Patch – Challenge Coin Nation

Yes Blue Falcon, you are the man! You told that young troop that her idea was impractical and the brass would never go for it and that if she wanted a promotion she just needed to focus on doing her job. That, and cutting your lawn better next time.

So here’s to you Blue Falcon! Crushing others careers while advancing your own! Stand tall Blue Falcon, and wear your patch with pride! You certainly earned it.

(This public service announcement is funded by the sales of Blue Falcon patches. If you would like your story told of how someone was BF’ed, please send us the sanitized details and we will make sure that the story is told.)

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