B 52 Challenge Coin

B 52 Challenge Coin

B 52 Challenge Coin

This is a superb looking US Air Force Coin that is encapsulated in a sealed acrylic holder. It was forged and developed by Boeing, has continued to provide assistance and new developments, has corrugated ends, about 1 and half inch in diameter and plated with a gold raised lettering.

US Air Force B-52 Challenge Coin - Meach's Military Memorabilia & More

Basically, a Challenge Coin is a distinctively branded coin given to people to ascertain their membership in a group or organization. It can also be awarded to a person for exclusive achievements. They are diminutive metal coins that comfortably occupy the palm of your hand, made from a variety of metals such as Zinc, brass or Bronze. Each one has a special design that traces back to the organization which it represents. The insignia of this organization is then engraved right onto the coin (usually around the edge). They also have colored enamel coated into the engravement.

Though, a vast majority of these coins are round, but some do come in varying shapes having special designs like a cutout or special features (a bottle opener instrument).
So in essence, a Challenge Coin denotes teams, units or organizations. They can also symbolize a particular event, unity, anniversary, an achievement or be used to spot a logo or corporate brand.

Challenge coins build tight, enduring relationships between people, and have been in long use by the military. But the military isn't the only service that utilizes them. First responder service, Corporations and Civilian groups also make use of Challenge coins.
To get a Challenge Coin, simply submit an online request or complete the online form provided on the Website of a Challenge Coin seller.

Challengecoinnation.com (the Challenge Coin nation website) sells Challenge coins for a sum of $15.99. You can choose to buy the coin immediately or add it to Cart. The coin features a 3D B-52 bomber design, 2 inch length and is molded in a traditional way.

You are allowed to return new items within 30 days after getting to you, and get a full refund. The company will also pay the return shipping costs if the mistake was on their part (receiving a defective item).
Your refund should arrive within four weeks of handing over your item to the return shipper, however, in most cases, a refund is processed more quickly. This period includes the transit time for your package to be received from the shipper.

93rd Bomb Squadron B-52 Bomber BUFF Air Force Challenge Coin – Rolyat  Military Collectibles
Challenge Coin Nation can ship to almost any location in the World. Immediately you make an order, your shipping and delivery dates will be estimated based on the readiness of your goods and the shipping method selected.

What will you benefit from a Challenge Coin?
A Challenge Coin will show proof that you're part of a unit or has served on a particular stretch of duty i.e that you're among a favored group of people. They can also be used for security, award team members that carry out duties perfectly, create close-knit bonds and connections (by keeping members of a service connected to each another) and pay tribute to events.

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