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 President Trump challenge coin

Challenge coins are a deeply-rooted part of our country’s military traditions. The gifting of challenge coins is a way to show respect to those who have gone above and beyond. The tradition of giving challenge coins goes back all the way to the Roman Empire, and just like then, these coins are a physical reminder and recognition of a person’s achievements.

 Challenge coins are also a great way to build up the camaraderie between a group. A challenge, or “coin check,” is a way to start a random check to see if everyone in the group has their challenge coin with them at any time — and it’s a great way to decide who is buying drinks first! Simply call out, “Coin check!” or start rapping your challenge coin on a hard surface to get things going. If someone in the group doesn’t have their coin, they’re buying! On the flip side, if everyone has their coins, the leader is responsible for the next round.


 President Trump challenge coin

Challenge coins aren’t limited to the military, either. Organizations like police departments, fire departments, Eagle Scouts, and even the NFL use challenge coins to acknowledge achievements and build stronger, more united teams.

Now, you can join in this respected and fun tradition by sporting a challenge coin of our Commander in Chief himself, President Trump. Show your support and do your part to help “Make America Great Again” with our President Trump challenge coin and morale patch. Our challenge coins and patches are produced with the highest quality materials and processes so you can trust the quality will last through every “coin check.”


 President Trump challenge coin

Want to learn more? Click on this link to chat with us and learn more about our President Trump challenge coin and our custom challenge coin creation options!

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