A US Navy jet that got zapped for landing on the wrong carrier.
What are aircraft zaps? It’s not unusual for a military aircraft to return to home station following a trip to another base and find that it has been “zapped.”  These “zaps” are often found by mechanics whilst inspecting the aircraft. Some are placed out in the open, while others are hidden away only to be discovered during a heavy inspection visit. These zaps are slogans, badges, stickers, and other items that air forces or squadrons place on each other's aircraft as a form of friendly rivalry and humor.
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Morale Stickers
Morale Stickers are crafted and sold by artists. They come in distinct or custom DIY pieces. With it, you can decorate your waterbottles, helmets, laptops, cars and many other items. The common types of Morale Sticker selections you will find...
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