Loach Helicopter US Military
The Hughes OH-6 Cayuse helicopter named Loach Helicopter also known as Model 369 is a lightweight, four-bladed turboshaft aircraft used by the US Military to transport personnel, serve as escorts, participate in attack missions, and in observation missions. This helicopter...
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F-35 aircraft coin sold by Challenge Coin Nation
The F35 is a supersonic fighter style aircraft, fifth generation, with stealth and stealth characteristics, not to be detected by radars, built by the aerospace companies the American multinational Lockheed Martin, the Northrop Grumman Corporation, the contractor BAE Systems, the...
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US Military F-18 Fighter Plane
The F18 is an American fighter, twin-engine, multi-purpose, fourth generation with the capacity to be embarked on aircraft carriers, we can say that it is one of the few attack aircraft capable of beating the modern fighter-bombers of the last...
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US Air Force: U-2 Plane Facts
The U2 Spy Plane is an aircraft that is described as one of the most distinctive in the US Air Force and is a very difficult aircraft to fly, and because of this it has been called the Dragon Lady...
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US Air Force: B-2 Bomber Facts
The B2 Bomber known as the US Air Force Stealth Bomber, is a stealth bomber, with the ability to penetrate enemy anti-aircraft defenses, deploying conventional and nuclear weapons, is an aircraft developed with low visibility technology, with advanced development of...
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