Ocean Gate submersible used to take tourists to see the Titanic wreck
Missing Titanic Submersible - Ocean Gate With the Ocean Gate submersible going missing, many are wondering how a rescue might be achieved when submersibles and submarines can't return to the surface. 
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A Space Force morale patch and an F-22 clutch back pin
  The challenge coin dates back thousands of years to Roman times. Offering encouragement, boosting morale, and providing a sense of pride of belonging to an organization. From the Roman times to today, challenge coins have been a part of...
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police challenge coins
  What are Challenge Coins used for?   Challenge coins are used to show support and represent a particular organization. You can be a part of the organization or even be a mere supporter. A challenge coin shows your affiliation...
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Image of a wall street silver custom coin
  The Masonic challenge coin is not a keepsake, but rather a symbol denoting a higher purpose for those who are part of this organization. Such coins carry value not because of the materials from which they are made, but...
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